Saturday, February 23, 2013

2D Android Tile Game "Swarm" is Finished

Disneyland, the winter flu, soccer, surfing, school and work, these are all normal family activities.  Learning to program in python often seems to fall down on the priority list, especially for my teenage son, who is often boiling over with energy.  He'd rather be out running, hiking, fishing, or playing a team sport.

My son blocked out some time today for python programming and he decided to complete development of Swarm after finishing the eighth level.  Each level now has a different map.  He also changed the game fonts to more stylistic fonts he downloaded from the Internet. The video above shows all eight levels of his game running on a SamSung Galaxy Note II.

The levels are created with python code only.  He decided not to use a map editor since the map size is small and manageable.

There is a story behind the game.  The blue boy goes through different areas of the world looking for a girl that is imprisoned in a haunted castle.  If the boy gets through eight levels, he saves the girl.  A hero screen appears with the boy and girl enjoying a sunrise.

The next game he's working on is a 2d side-scroller game.

The distribution file and source code for Swarm are here.

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