Monday, March 10, 2014

Program Arcade Games Pygame/Pygame Book by Dr. Paul Craven

Dr. Paul Craven has written a nice book and site for college students learning to program.  He focuses on Python and Pygame.

It looks like a great curriculum for adults.

It's quite different from my curriculum which is targeted at children between 9 and 16.   The upper end of my curriculum is a moving target as my son gets older.

Since Dr. Craven is teaching computer science at Simpson College, he has a great pool of students ages 18 to 22 to experiment with and refine his curriculum.  It looks like a great class for college students.

His lessons on classes and sprites look like they're a nice next steps for more advanced children that have completed my curriculum.  I've been teaching my son about modules and libraries.  I've taken a different approach from Dr. Craven, but his approach seems fine for adults and possibly some children.

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