Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Use Blender to Create 3D Objects

Since I gave my 7th grade student an introduction to 3D Python programming using Panda3D, I also reviewed the basics of Blender.  After the introduction, we moved back to focusing on 2D programming using Pygame.  I wasn't planning on going back to Blender for several months.  However, in the evening, my student mentioned that one of his friends from soccer was using Blender to model a 3D head for use in a 3D Java game he was developing.  My student's friend is a competitive 7th grader that loves talking about the virtues of Java compared to Python.  The friend quickly pointed out that although Panda3D wasn't a Java system, he was already working with 3D frameworks using the Java 3D classes.  Well, at least they have a common ground in Blender.

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