Sunday, March 10, 2013

2D Tile Game Map - Building the JSON Map File

I created a video of a very simple 2D tilemap game running on the desktop and an Android phone.  The video focuses on creating a json map file.  The video will take you through step four of the process listed below:

  1. Assemble tilesets which are pictures of grass, trees, water, rocks, bushes, houses and other graphics in the game;
  2. Assemble other sprites for graphics such as the character running around the screen;
  3. Create map data file using the Tiled map editor;
  4. Export the file to JSON format;
  5. Create a map loader in python;
  6. Use pygame to display graphics and handle player interaction;
  7. Use Pygame Subset for Android to package the Python application in Android Package format
I didn't cover how to write the map loader in this video since that video may take a long time.  The loader itself is less than a 100 lines of code.  The data structures are a bit more complex since Python loads the json file into the Python program as a nested dictionary structure.

Update Dec 2013:  Check out the code for an improved json_loader on github.

Sample game running with 2d map showing collision tiles shaded red.  Code and graphic files available on github

2nd layer of collision tiles separated out of the 3 layer map by test scripts in the game example.  Sample map included in the github package, available at the link above. 
Update December 13, 2013
Wrote a new blog post on using json_loader with examples of different types of games.

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