Monday, November 4, 2013

Paint Program with Pygame

My fourteen year old son did a nice job with his paint program. This took two or three lessons. He's making rapid progress now. He's quite busy with school and sports and doesn't have enough time to work on his programming. Despite the limited time he spends on programming, his cognitive skills are improving rapidly and he's able to build usable programs in a short amount of time. He was also able to incorporate feedback from his 8 year old sister. She designed the color palette and put a feature request for the stamps. I think she might have preferred flowers to the stamps.
This program uses Pygame and pgs4a.
Stay tuned for his next application, a JSON 2D map loader and maze game.


  1. Are you sure the script here will still create an apk properly under pgs4a? On my linux system, It does the pgs4a process with 'success' and installs on my phone, but produces gibberish on the screen when i run it. Tinkering with the script, I'm pretty sure that it fails because of a font rendering problem. I ask "still create" because I'm wondering if there has been a change in the pgs4a tool since you used it on this script. It runs fine of course as a straight pygame script. The only thing I've changed in yr script is to put 'FreeSans.ttf' in same dir' as and, of course, changed the path to it in It wd help me greatly if you cd create its apk again and see if works on yr device. If so, I will have a major clue as to my own problem. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

  2. hey i am going through your command , everthing is worked properly accept save button , i dont know why there is no error came. and also tell me how to open saved file .